Kay V Singh

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    Singer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer
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Born in India, raised in the United States, Kay V made music his passion at a very young age. After being inspired and involved in the US bhangra competition scene, Kay V decided to pursue his passion as profession. Mostly-self taught singer/song writer, he has only began to scratch the surface of the punjabi music industry. He previously released a track “Gori Diyan Jhanjran” with Goyal Music Records which gained popularity among mellow music listeners across the world as well as his track “Eina Tainu Chawan” with Gurmani Music Records. But his most recent track “Bullet” is what really brought Kay V Singh into industry with a bang! Track is released through Speed Records making him one of the first Punjabi artists who was raised in the US to release a track with Speed Records. Kay V brings a new wave of creativity to the US and Indian Punjabi music industry that it demands.