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    Rapper & Songwriter
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One of the most respected and ‘loyal to the game’ rap artists that the Urban Desi scene has both underground and commercially.

  • He has recently released a track featuring Dr. Zeus in a Bollywood film, ‘Kaalakaandi’ starring Saif Ali Khan with popular Hindi vocalist, Neha Bhasin.
  • Songs such as ‘Queen’ (w/ Zack Knight), ‘Poison,’ ‘Signs’ (w/ Mickey Singh), ‘Bandook’ (w/Badshah)  have led Raxstar to tour all over the world  as well as a loyal UDC contributor.
  • This unique perspective allowed Raxstar to create songs like ‘Jaaneman’ drawing from the influences of Bollywood and the smooth R&B records he grew up with.
  • Described as ‘The Ultimate Rap Ballad,’ ‘Jaaneman’  proved to be extremely popular worldwide and the music video went viral accumulating over 4  million views on YouTube.